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Laura is highly adept at getting results. She kept us under budget and time after time exceeded all expectations. I highly recommend Laura to anyone interested in getting the job done.

Laura has the unique ability to take a base idea and turn it into magic. Yes, she has an eye for detail but combine that with her passion to produce quality work and you will achieve, if not exceed, your project goals. I look forward to working with Laura again.


Laura Bastion is a highly professional leader who is able to facilitate success in any atmosphere she enters. She is a brilliant business coach who can raise sales and create a more cohesive business plan while integrating every area of marketing and managing a small business. I highly recommend Laura to business owners who are in need of direction and desire to move their business to the next level.

Go-To Appreciation Expert

Anyone looking for the expert business support, with top-notch skills, creativity and the utmost professionalism should get in touch with Laura Bastion. Laura worked closely with me to launch several aspects of my business. She's a high-level performer who works quickly, too. I couldn't recommend her more highly.

CEO+Creator of Rainbow Foameez Soft Yoga Props & Easy Yoga Method, Restorative Yoga & Reiki Specialist, Mom to twin boys

Hiring Laura is the best business decision I have made to date. Laura works fast and efficiently and has no problem working under pressure to meet a deadline. I highly recommend hiring Laura!


Laura is by far one of the best people I have ever worked with...she setup JV partnerships, managed 117Gift Programs and more. She was truly an asset to my business that I truly miss.

Laura is one of the best in the virtual industry so to speak. If you are looking to hire someone who is reliable and professional she is definitely your go to girl. You will never have to question her time, knowledge, or abilities. You get what you pay for online and she is definitely a high value for the services you get in return. I would work with Laura again in a heart beat as she has proven time and time again that she is trustworthy and really knows her stuff.

Off the Chain Marketing

"I am a Sales & Marketing Consultant, which means I am only as good as the advice I give and the relationships I bring with me to any business engagement. Every time I have utilized the development services of Let's Grow Virtual, they have executed flawlessly. They do what they say they are going to do ... when they say they are going to do it ... for the price they originally quote. My experiences with other technology companies have been all over the board. Let's Grow Virtual always delivers. That's why I will use them again and again. I suggest you do the same."

What a smart cookie is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Laura Bastion. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Laura just under year. Her follow up to questions has been quick, personable and helpful. Above all, I am impressed with her professionalism and ability to have the correct answers. And, of course, her solid skills would be an asset to those serious about growing their business.


Your support in developing our website and membership site has been nothing short of amazing. I am in awe, how you can read my mind and implement a solution. Thank you, Thank you!

Laura is such an amazing person to work with. She has knowledge in such a variety of areas in the business world that she can accomplish just about any task you give her and she'll do it to perfection. Laura is efficient, honest and dependable. You will really feel like you got your moneys worth and more after hiring her!

You couldn't ask for a better person and company to hire for all your business needs than Laura Bastion and Lets Grow Virtual

Stop Sitting on Your Assets

Laura is multi-talented, extremely experienced and highly productive. I've never worked with anyone who could handle so many initiatives so effectively and stay so organized and professional. She's one of a kind!

She will remain at the top of my list for any project assistance for all future endeavors. If she is available, I'll be extremely lucky...

“Was a DREAM to work with this assistant! She picked up quickly all the moving parts of my business, completed all tasks with lightening speed and went way beyond the call of duty on a number of occasions. Not to mention how gracious she was when communicating with my clients. Was a HUGE bonus that she was so gifted with graphics as well. My sales pages looked beautiful! No question I will hire her again!”

This contractor is fantastic. She is so helpful, professional, experienced and works above and beyond the norm. I highly recommend her, and feel blessed to have her helping in my business.”

Speak with Confidence. Sell with Authority.

Two words...."A.......MAZING"!!! Laura Bastion is simply the best! I have worked with Laura over the past few months to maximize my online line presence and visibility. She is a pro at creating sales pages and follow up campaigns. Her level of efficiency and professionalism, far surpasses my greatest expectations. Laura knows how to capitalize on launching programs and products. The best part of her delivery is guiding you through the seemingly overwhelming and daunting tasks related to the projects. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about her work and the results I have gotten from her brilliance!

Women on a Mission

Laura is a beautiful, kind and professional addition to any team. She is smart and such a hard worker. While working together she gave the business a strong front. This is important because you never want your assistant to break your BRAND! As a client my interactions were always pleasant and easy, even when handling touchy subject or difficult decisions.

Massage Therapist

Laura Bastion is the one to see for your on-line business needs. She is quick, efficient and brilliant at creating beautiful web pages, professional facebook pages and any other needs you may have.

I love working with Laura because I can trust her and she turns quality work round very quickly. She has helped me turn various "panic" projects round quickly and effectively - eg taking over the logistics of a 21 day tele-summit on the day it started & creating a sales page within a couple of hours. Some of the other work she has done for me has been more scheduled and equally well done. I never hesitate to use Laura for any technically based/creative work I need doing and I whole heartedly recommend her.

Bet the Jockey

Today, I had a call with Laura who I was seeking help from for my online businesses because of her expertise and reputation. Immediately I knew she was an expert working with entrepreneurs like myself based on the questions she was asking me. It felt great speaking with someone who truly understood the challenges I have as an entrepreneur. She listened to the struggles that I was having in my business and made a few recommendations that fixed the problem and on top of that she gave me guidance based on working with people just like me on how best to work with her to maximize my investment. Incredible experience, thank you Laura.

Sooo happy with Laura and her team, she fixed my webpages! YEAH! She also fixed several broken links, fixed my shopping cart AND setup my Ning Groups. I cant wait to use her again on future projects!

Laura is a great person to work for. She is Friendly, professional, determined and hard working. Knows what she wants done, gives clear instructions and always there to ask questions. I love working for her any time. I Highly Recommend her!

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