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Abby worked for nine months on her new program.

She was so excited! She just knew she hit this idea out of the ball-park.

She spent countless hours creating her course modules, recording videos, and creating worksheets, and sales copy. She spent thousands of dollars getting help to set up the program on her new membership site and setting up her shopping cart and sales pages.

She was ready to launch her brand new program to her email list..she was expecting fireworks….

Abby sent out that first email. 
And nothing happened…Silence.
Notta peep from her audience.

Abby sent out her second email.
Nothing happened.

She sent out the third email.
She got her first sale.

She sent out the next email.
She only got two more sales….

Now she was frustrated and worried. 

At the end of launching her program into the world
Abby barely made enough money to break even.

Unfortunately, stories like Abby's aren't uncommon. 

Many program creators spend weeks or months putting together the “perfect” course or program. They launch it into the world with BIG dreams. 

When it doesn't sell, they're crushed. 

They are ready to give up.

Well, if this is you, I am going to say right upfront, don't give up and walk away yet. Look for the lessons you learned during this launch and continue to grow your email list and talk about your new course and create truly meaningful connections.

Building an online business takes time; it takes time for them to build trust in you and buy from you…. SO keep going.

But if you have not yet created your course or program, this is for you!

How to make sure you don't invest thousands of dollars in time, money, and energy into creating a course or program that don't sell

Pre-Sell Your Courses and Programs to Your Email List

When you pre-sell an item, you're upfront with your community. You explain that you haven't created the product yet, but they can go ahead and reserve their copy.

The advantage of this method is that you don't waste valuable time creating a product no one wants. If you get 0 buyers, you know to trash your current idea and come up with a new one. But if you do get enough interest in the topic, then it's likely to be a viable program or course.

Create a Pre-Sales Page

When you make the offer to your list, you'll want to send them to a pre-sales page. Don't just slap together a couple of paragraphs of copy and call it good. Put just as much time and effort into this page as if this were already a six-figure course. Subscribers can tell when you rushed your page, and they'll be wary of buying from you if it looks like you put in zero effort.

On your sales page, be sure to include product mockups. Yes, the product doesn't exist yet, but you still need to “show” the product. Don't get bogged down on this step. Use a 3D product graphics program like Boxshot King or eCover Authority or MyEcoverMaker


Give a Delivery Date

Pre-selling a course is awesome. But you want to make sure you provide a delivery date for your subscribers. It can be frustrating for customers to purchase a product and not know when they're going to receive their item. As long as you let them know when to expect their digital delivery, this won't be a problem.

While you should make every effort to meet your delivery deadline, this may not always be possible. Maybe your computer crashed and ate all of your project files, or you had to have emergency surgery. Whatever the cause, let your community know what's going on and offer a new delivery date.

You can release one module at a time to your clients as long as they know what to expect. Some of my clients will do the training live with the people who sign-up to create the program. It's totally up to you, but let your audience know what to expect.

Reward the Action Takers

Since your product isn't officially released yet, you want to offer your mailing list a special perk if they take action. Most product creators offer a special “pre-order” price to their list that is heavily discounted.

But you don't have to do this. You can offer your community another perk if you want. One virtual assistant offered a free strategy session to any of her subscribers who pre-purchased her upcoming social media course. As a result of this exclusive perk, she saw more sign-ups than usual.

Pre-selling a product might seem scary or intimidating at first. But it doesn't have to be. With a bit of planning, you can quietly pre-launch your new course and begin making money from your mailing list.

Now I would love to hear from you? What courses have you thought about creating but are hesitating to get out there?

Virtually Yours,

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