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How do you best serve your audience and make the most sales?
Know what your audience wants!

How do you know what your audience wants?
Ask them!!

To sell a product or service, there must be a need that solves a problem. But sometimes, we just might be blind to the problem.

s. Anytime you need inspiration for content or product development, the best thing to do is ask your readers. 

To find out what your audience wants, all you have to do is ask. 

Most people who want to be helpful are happy to give you feedback.

Here are four ways to asking your audience what they want:

1. Send out a Survey

Make it part of our sales funnel to ask anyone that comes into your list what they want.

You can have different surveys created on their behaviors:

  • What product they purchased.
  • What Free Offer they opted-in for.
  • What free event did they participate in?

You'll need different surveys based on their entry point because a survey to someone who bought product A will be different from someone who purchased product D or who joined your email list due to downloading a freebie or joined due to a blog post they read. 

My favorite product for surveys is hosted within your WordPress site. I use Gravity Forms with their survey add-on; another popular choice is Survey Monkey, or you could just keep it simple and ask a question via email.

2. Host a Q&A Call or Webinar

If you already have a great following, you know that live events create connection and buzz along with brand awareness.

But did you know this is also a good way to engage your audience and find out what they want and need from you?

If you are one of those people who need to be prepared and have the questions ahead of time, cool, have them email in their questions.

If you are a fly by night gal, then have them ask the questions live. Just make sure you document the questions they are asking, so you can sit and ponder on their needs after your call or webinar, and use those questions to develop your content and programs.

3. Ask Questions on Social Media and Pay attention to Questions being asked!

Whichever social media platform for you is the most active, simply ask your audience to submit their questions to you there. 

You can also pay attention to questions asked on your social media channels and groups you belong to; I see over and over people begging for answers to certain questions within groups that they just can't seem to get the answers to

Collect the questions you find.

You can then answer these questions one at a time in post, podcast, or video.

Let their questions guide you to create your products and services. You might notice a gap or things you can fix in what you already teach that you can improve, so it is more relatable to your target audience.

These questions are also great to fill in gaps within your marketing.  

Knowing what they want makes it easier to write emails and make offers.

People want to feel heard; they will love that you are offering to help them solve their problems.

4. Call Your Customers

OMG…I said what???

Yeah, I know sometimes picking up that phone is nerve-wracking.
I know I have gotten into the text routine too..
I get it! 

But by picking up the phone and reaching out to your customers, you can learn sooo much! Plus, it shows your customers you do care and want to serve them, creating brand loyalty.

From these phone calls, you can gather a ton of information that you can use to develop more products and content for marketing and educational purposes. 

If you don't have customers yet...No no worries, offer a free 15 discovery call to your site visitors, and you will be able to learn VERY valuable information to help you create your products and services. You may be shocked at what you can learn with this one simple method. 

WARNING: When you ask your audience, sometimes you'll receive information from them that is not useful; that's okay. Not everyone is really your ideal audience, even if they're on your email list. Don't recreate something based on 1 person's feedback!!

However, most of the time, when you proactively engage with your audience and ask questions while actually listening to them, you will gain insight into your ideal audience, which is going to inform your next products, the content you create to market those products, and how you engage with them. 

Now it's your turn…how do you get feedback from your audience?

Virtually Yours,

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