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How to Name Your Quiz

The name of your quiz is vitally important, and you should spend some time on it. 

The name of your quiz plus the visual you use will determine whether someone will take your quiz or not. 

Remember the name of your quiz needs to be short, unique, and engaging.

I also believe your quiz needs to appeal to the masses, so try not to use words they might not understand.  

Keep the title SIMPLE, so anyone can understand what it is about.

Write down several titles of your quiz.

It is best to come up with several different names for your quiz and then narrow it down to the best one.

Ask your audience or colleagues which Name they like best for your quiz?  Listen to their feedback!

When you have a few names for your quiz to compare, you can often see that one stands out from the rest. 

The most important quality of a suitable name for your quiz is that it gets the attention of people who are skimming through social media feeds. It makes them stop and want to take your quiz.

5 Best Practices for Naming Your Quiz:

  1. Use a question. As the previous examples show, it is good to use a question. When the name of the quiz is a question, it naturally leads the reader to want to answer it, motivating them to take the quiz. 
  2. Make it short and catchy. After you write the name of your quiz, see if there is any way you can tighten up the language or simplify it.

For example, you may have a title like "Which country should you have been born in?" This is okay, but it is slightly awkward. You can pare it down to, "What's your real native country?"

  1. Emphasize difficulty. Say something like, "10 Marketing Hacks Most People Miss," or "Only 2 out of 10 People do this in Marketing Their Business." This presents the person with a challenge and gives them a further sense of achievement when they finish the quiz. 
  2. Use odd numbers. For some psychological reason, odd numbers tend to drive more engagement. Instead of 8, for example, offer "9 Blogging Trivia Questions."
  3. Write in a conversational style. In the name of your quiz, as well as in your questions and other content, write in a conversational style like a friend writing an email and refer to the reader as "you."

 If you still need some ideas for your quiz, look at some of the quizzes you have taken or come across on your social media feed. What did you like or not like?


You can also look at sites like Buzz Feed Quiz or Playbuzz. What quizzes stand out to you?

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