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How Can You Reach More People And Get Potential Clients Into Your Funnel?

Now you have created your funnel, you need to figure out how many entry points or touchpoints you need to get your potential client to convert.

An entry point is a way you attract leads (your potential clients) into your email list and convert them into prospects or clients.

To create an effective entry point, you need to know who your ideal client is, so you can create relevant material tailored towards them.

For Example:

Podcast or Blog Post = Content Creates Awareness.

Prospect: These 2 types of content you then use to drive the traffic to your free offer of a Tipsheet in exchange for their email address.

You now have turned that person into a prospect that you can nurture via your emails and social media outlets, even though they have not become a paying client yet.

Customer or Client: The blog post or podcast could lead them in their journey to purchase your product or service. Now they are a client or a customer.

Both the client and prospect have entered at different points into your funnel. But what you send or market to the next will be different as it should be based on how they enter your funnel.

Prospects: Need nurturing first then encouraged to buy a product or service. My rule of thumb is 3 to 1. Three nurturing emails or times in front of them to one offer.

Customer or Client: They should be welcomed and loved up so you can create brand loyalty with them. Make them feel like they made the most of the amazing purchase! You will continue to nurture them (3 to 1) and encourage them to share your products or services with friends and family, and you make NEW offers to them.

By creating more entry points into your funnel, you will have happier clients/customers. Which, in turn, will result in higher sales.

More entry points = More Opportunities to Create a Sale

Here are some ideas to create more entry points into your funnel:

  • Teaser Content/ Protected Post– When you create a blog post, you can give them “teaser information” that requires them to give you an email address to get the rest of the post.

    If you use this method, make sure you create enough curiosity to get them excited and make them WANT to give you their name and email in exchange for the rest of the information.

  • Lead Magnets (YOUR FREE OFFER) I really like to call lead magnets a Trust Trigger Product because this is how your potential prospects start the trust process. Inside your blog post or your podcast, you can drive traffic to this offer. I personally like to use these on the top of my blog pages and also on the footer and side menu. But you can also create links with your content driving them to this entry point in your funnel.
  • Entry-Level Products ($27 or less) Some marketers think low-cost products are a waste of time, But they are a GREAT way to build your email list. A lot of people actually trust a low-cost product over free offers. And here is the best part, if they put in a credit card for a low-cost offer, you know they are ready and willing to buy from you. You can market these via blog posts, podcasts, and interviews.
  • Webinars or Lives: Drive them to get more information and know more about you. Create that connection with them by inviting them to be with you on a webinar or a live broadcast. Webinars are a great way to collect names and emails.
  • Challenges: Challenges are an excellent way to create a connection with you and get your potential clients excited. When they start to see progress and how your teaching can change their life, they will want to be work with you. Challenges are a great way to get them into your funnel.

  • Quizzes: Quizzes are one of my favorite entry points, they are fast and fun, and they can easily go viral if you create a good enough quiz; just make sure you collect their name and email for them to be able to get the results.

As you continue to create more entry points into your funnels, consider the placements on your website.

  • Dedicated Optin Pages
  • Top 1/4 of your website
  • Popups
  • On the footer
  • Within your Content
  • On The Side Bar

Continue to keep adding different entry points into your prospect's experience with you based on your goals. Remember, even though you think one thing is amazing, it doesn't mean it resonates with your potential client, so use several methods to get them into your funnel.

Now it's your turn what has worked for you?

Virtually Yours,

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