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Are you ready to GROW your impact and Multiply your results?

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook ads are very effective to increase your branding, build your email list, and sell your coaching programs, products & services.

So what is stopping you from jumping in on the action? 

  • Maybe you just dont' have the time to figure it out yourself
  • Maybe you have boosted a few post but don't know if it helped you any
  • Maybe you tried to setup a Facebook Ad, but you took one look at the Ads Manager and immediately felt overwhelmed(what are all of those options anyways)
  • Maybe you have tried a few ads but your results were less than stellar
  • Maybe you have ran a few ads yourself, but you know it could be done better and heck you really just dont enjoy it anyways you would rather hire a expert.

But...You know it's time you Amplify Your Launches and GROW Your List with Facebook/Instagram Ads

The Awesome thing about Facebook/Instagram Ads is
they Run 24/7 even when you are sleeping!

As a coach/consultant you have 2 choices:

(1) Do the Ads yourself, Which is not a small task!  You will probably give up some sleep, time with your family and even gain some gray hairs or a migraine.  And then as soon as you have it figured out. Facebook changes and you have to do it all over again.

(2) Hire it out to a expert to maximize your results, the guesswork and frustration. This will allow you to focus more on your clients and teaching processes. Ultimately it is going to save you time and money.

You know they work, you have seen them, and  I guarantee you have purchased something from a Facebook /Instagram Ad, or at the very least you opted-in to someone's email list. It's what all the top coaches and consultants use to help build their business, Including your competition.

It's time to Take Action and Start Facebook Marketing Today!

Ready for Let's Grow Virtual to help you GROW your email list and buyers?  Let’s schedule a free 15-minute consultation and lets's see if it is the right next step for you!

How would This Help Your
Coaching/Consulting Business?

  • Your email list growing on daily basis with automated content to educate and connect with your audience.
  • Filling your webinars & livestreams with potential clients and students who can’t wait to learn from YOU and who will purchase
  • Your membership program and masterminds growing as more people learn how You can help them.
  • The best part is NO tech headaches, confusing stats and numbers, fights with Facebook robots ALL GONE, completely taken care of and handled just for you.  So you can just sit back an watch your business GROW.

Let's Grow Virtual is not just another Facebook/Instagram Management Company...

We care about your business as if it was our own...and we have proven that over and over again!

  • We setup and manage all of it for you from ad strategy to production to optimization - your job is just to say YES, YES YES!
  • We create branded copy and graphics to make sure your ads truly reflect your business and your mission. 
  • You will get Weekly reporting so that you’re always in the loop on how your ads are performing.
  • Monthly Strategy meetings with your Ad Concierge to review progress and goals
  • Strategy-based pricing - we don’t believe in limiting services to a certain number of ads. We care about structuring our work together around your specific goals instead.

Facebook/Instagram Ads Can GROW your business Virtually!

Build your email list

- Grow your Facebook group

- Get active participants in your challenge

- Advertise your Virtual conference

- Get your branding into the world

- Drive Traffic to Your Livestreams

- Get Attendees For Your webinar

- Grow Your Email List with a Quiz

- Drive Traffic to Your Podcast

- Sell your low Cost products

- Sell your MemberShips

- Fill your Group Programs

- And so much more!

LGV Facebook & Instagram
Ad Packages Include

In this 30-minute call, we'll go over your goals and our strategy to reach them. We'll also discuss your messaging and ideal audience to make sure we're targeting the perfect potential clients for you.

We evaluate your current funnels to make sure they will convert. Working with hundreds of opt-in pages and offers we know what works and what don't.  We will also make sure your funnels meet Facebook guidelines. Plus give any recommendations we have for better optimization.

We'll make sure your pixel is installed correctly on all of the web pages within your funnel. We will also make sure it is setup correctly to be able to give you the most accurate results.

Every business is unique. So your strategy has to be unique as well.Your ads plan will be customized to your business and your unique services.

While build your a effective campaign we will be setting up several types of custom audiences including look-a-like audiences. We will test different audiences along with the creatives to find the most raving audience.

Using your existing photos, assets, and videos (along with any necessary stock photos), we'll create on-brand graphics that stand out in the newsfeeds and will look amazing no matter where ever they are found :)  We continue to split test these until we get the best result.

We have amazing results with our copy.  But the most important part is that it also follows Facebook rules so you can keep your account in good standing and do not risk your account. Following the Facebook rules is probably one of the hardest things my clients have found to do because your current copyrighting probably won't work on Facebook.  We will also be split testing the copy until we get the optimum results.

All back-end set up is completely done for you. All campaigns, ad sets, and ads will be set up and managed without you having anything to worry about . Your accounts are monitored on a daily basis. And reported back to you on a weekly basis.

You'll always be in the loop with regular reports on how each of your ad campaigns are performing and what changes are happening behind the scenes.

Private Client Area
You will have your own private client area setup to track what is happening on your account within our software.  This way you can keep track of what we are working on if you want (most of our clients dont but...)

Monthly Strategy Calls
Your marketing strategy ebbs and flows. Monthly check-in calls ensure we're on the same page and that your ad strategy is complementing your overall business growth plans.

Facebook and Instagram Ads are PERFECT for Your Coaching /Consulting Business if...

  • You’re ready to invest in your list building and lead generation efforts and have a plan to nurture those new potential clients and customers
  • You re-launching an offer that you’ve sold before and want to amplify your launch results with ads
  • You’re prepared to invest in ads as a long-term strategy, most of our packages require a multi-month commitment
  • You have a sales funnel that’s working for you and you’re ready to scale your reach and increase sales
An average Facebook user clicks on 11 ads per month!!

Will They Be Clicking on Your Ad?

With the right partner and a proven strategy, paid social media ads can be an AMAZING tool GROW  your audience, Increase your sales, and Launch your products.

Would you like an expert set of  eyes on your
social media content or ad campaigns?

Not sure what your doing wrong with your Facebook /Instagram Ads?  Wonder if your current Ads Manager is doing things Optimally?

  • What isn’t working 
  • What  is working and giving you the best results
  • What could be improved on
  • What you can do to get Optimal Results and the best ROI on your Ads

I’ll do a video walk-through of your content or ad account to provide insight and actionable tips focused around your stated goals.  The audit will be recorded so you can watch again or share with your team.  You will also get a ACTION document as well.

Want to learn more? Let’s schedule a 15-minute consultantion.

Starting at $297

Frequenly Asked Questions About Facebook/Instagram Ads.

How much should I expect to spend on ads? Is ad spend included in your packages?

Ad spend is completely up to you! Our packages have a recommended ad spend minimum to get started. Necessary ad spend to reach your goals can vary and we can discuss this on your Consultation Call if you would like advice on what to invest. Ad spend is NOT included in the services charge.

How fast will I see results?

While ads can start delivering right away, it's important to understand that social media advertising is a LONG GAME. This is why most of our packages require a multi-month commitment. Sometimes you'll see your ads start to work right away; other times we'll have to do a considerable amount of testing to determine the best audiences and creative to attract your ideal clients. Facebook marketing ALWAYS works, but sometimes we need to tweak to get the results you desire!

What if this is the 1st time I have ran ads?

That's totally fine! We do recommend you have some knowledge of how social media ads work, since that will allow you to better understand your ad strategy as a whole, but we work with clients with various levels of ad experience.  If you do not understand how something works we encourage you to ask questions!

I have ran ads before and I was disappointed how in Lets Grow Virtual different?

We're so sorry this happened to you! We can't speak to your previous experience, but we have been doing Facebook Ads almost since the inception.  We will do everything in our power to GROW your business. We are always happy to evaluate your previous ads to better understand what wasn't working before to find ways to improve them!

I have a brand new product I’d like to run ads to. What package is right for me?

The Starter package may be best for you! This is because it allows you to grow your audience with ads while you sell your new product organically. Ultimately, we highly recommend you have a tested opt-in, funnel, or paid offer before going all-in with paid ads.


Get Your FREE Copy of Plot Your Quiz.  This quiz planner entails everything I use with my high-end clients to create a successful quiz strategy to build your email list and Grow Your Business.