Meet Laura Bastion

Laura Bastion, the backend and behind-the-scenes strategizing & marketing genius your business needs. What started as a bed-ridden career in a help-desk job to “pay the bills” turned into a full-blown untapped potential & passion for helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs alike strategize, launch and monetize their business.

With over a decade of experience and success under her belt, Laura has helped businesses launches and develop funnels, strategy, marketing campaigns that have grown solopreneurs from just starting into small seven-figure businesses in under 3 years.

What’s her secret? For Laura, it’s about more than results. She treats all clients’ business just like her own; her passion, care and compassion are her foundation for delivering high-converting, profitable work & results in your business. You can think of her as your best kept secret and your business ally.

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