Nice to "Virtually" Meet You!

You have probably landed here because your looking to work with someone to help you grow your online business or maybe you are just wondering who the heck I am ! ....before we get too far in this relationship, let me tell you a little about me!

I reside in North Western Michigan with my family who I adore. Though I grew up in southern Michigan. (Unadilla) . I am definitely a country girl at heart. I love a great country concert with my girls.  I love to be outdoors with my family exploring our GREAT state.  With 5 Great lakes and hundreds of water falls...I believe Michigan is the best state there is!

I love Michigan, I will visit
other states but I will always live here!

If you ask anyone I went to school with....they will tell you I was an entrepreneur back in elementary school, buying things and reselling for a profit...

But I didn't become a serious business owner until my adult years..

Once I became a mother, it was important to me not to put my kids into I would work evenings waiting tables while my husband watched the kids.

But that all changed when I became pregnant for our 3rd child. I was put on to bed-rest, we lost my income we desperately needed...

So, I can honestly say I started my online business out of desperation....on a shoe-string budget. If that is where you are at, I understand!  My original goal was just to be able to pay the electric bill! I had no Plan-B. This was back during the dial-up internet days. ( I know I am aging myself here). My first "client," I did help desk support.

Back then, I did not know it would turn into a business that I LOVE and that I would never go back to work once my baby arrived. But every time I got paid, I invested back into my business, rather than be tools or education. Today, I continue to invest in my knowledge by studying marketing and trends that are working and implementing into my business and my clients.

Over the last 20 years, I have had the privilege to work behind the scenes of some of the best internet marketers, authors, and coaches in the world. I have worked with start-up business owners to 7-figure business owners. I am guiding and Consulting them to help them grow their businesses online.

When you work with me you will quickly realize all you need to do is bring the vision.  I will break down the rest into actionable , sizable pieces you need to grow your business on budget and onetime.

Let's set-up a time for "Virtual" coffee and see if we might be a good fit.

Digital Marketing Strategist and List Building Expert
Who Makes The Process Simple!

Laura Beth Bastion

Laura Bastion is a Digital Marketing Strategist and List Building Expert, who started as Virtual Assistant behind the scenes. Laura knows how simplify technology and the processes so Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators  can implement the strategies and technology to build their online coaching business without the stress and headaches. She specializes in building Funnels to capture your leads and sell your services, along with Instagram/Facebook Ads and Strategy.

Laura is passionate about helping women build businesses online. She loves to help others bring their passions online by teaching them how to market and GROW their business to be successful with online marketing, so they can create a business they LOVE and IMPACT the world

Laura leverages over 20 years of graphics, online marketing & business building experience for her clients. She has spent thousands of hours  hands-on behind the scenes implementing her magic for her clients. 

Laura has project managed hundreds of websites, sales funnels & online list builds and webinars, and more.

With Laura's mentoring, the process is seamless and straightforward. Laura is a firm believer that the tech and how-to should not hold anyone back from building an online business. So many people are in the online space coaching clients, who become overwhelmed in the process. Therefore most of the digital programs and coaching they buy is sitting on their computers wasted. You can't hire out a project and get the results you want unless you can understand the process yourself. Laura will help you do just that, as you scale and grow your business.

About Let's Grow Virtual

Lets Grow Virtual was founded by Laura Bastion.  Let's Grow Virtual started as a virtual assistance business providing everything from help desk support to forum management.  But Let's Grow Virtual matured into a Digital Marketing Company helping businesses grow their business by marketing and building their list.

Lets Grow Virtual is family owned company.

Lets Grow Virtual is committed to providing the best possible service to you. We are dedicated to making our working relationship a success. We always look for and welcome feedback from our clients on ways to make our relationship the most profitable for both us. . We put a tremendous emphasis on high-level individual client contact. Our #1 goal is to serve our clients with unparalleled excellence.

Lets Grow Virtual’s vision is to help small and medium size businesses grow by personalized, affordable solutions. All businesses can benefit by taking advantage of what the internet can provide, yet many do not know where to start or how to start. Let, Lets Grow Virtual show you the way to GROW your business today!

We provide Do It Yourself, Done for You and Consulting.

Let's Grow Virtual, will evaluate your goals and build affordable, customized solutions to help you grow your businesses.  Click Here to Setup Your Free Consultation.

Stay Informed!

Working with clients for almost 20 years, we continue to learn the best of the best in tools and resources to build your business online.  Would you like  us to update you on actionable tips, learn about valuable tools, and helpful resources that cut out the  tech confusion and overwhelm.