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If you’re looking to grow your Coaching or Consulting Business online LinkedIn is definitely one of my favorite places.

I have connected with several clients on LinkedIn, and also I have found lifelong connections.

LinkedIn is much more business-oriented compared to other social media sites. Business owners tend to go to LinkedIn when they need help to fulfill a need in their business. This is why it is a perfect place to find potential clients for your coaching or service-based business.

On LinkedIn, you never know you you might network with…that will possibly recommend your services to someone.

The key is to grow your network steadily and consistently.

I have almost 20k in my LinkedIn network…but it definitely did not happen overnight ?

But it is not about just getting contacts in your network. It is about getting the right strategy, so you have the right contacts in your network ?

1. Don’t Spam!

If you log into Linkedin and just send out a bunch of random connection requests, you will not see the results you want from Linkedin.

DO NOT blast all your current connections on LinkedIn with your latest product, service, or events.  

It will just get deleted.

Nobody likes a spammer. 

And more than likely, they will un-connect with you.. or at least just start ignoring ALL of your content.

 2. Don’t use people 

When someone accepts your LinkedIn connection, get to know that person.

  • Find out what value they can add to your life, your business.
  • How could you help this person?

Don’t ever just ask for a sale.

Some people are very protective of their network/their tribe, and they will be picky about who they give access to,

Don’t ever just ask for an introduction into their network.

Your Best friend needs a new roof…

You live in an apartment and never dealt with roofers before

But you happened to just get this connection on LinkedIn, and the guy is local and does roof…wow what timing.

You recommend the roofer to your friend…

The roofer comes in and does an estimate.

Your friend put a hefty deposit of $5,000 down for the work to be done as she trusted your referral. 

The roofer never returns..

How would your friend feel about you?

She is probably never going to trust a recommendation from you again..

And you are going to feel like crap because you didn’t really know the person you recommend and blame yourself…

Reputations are at stake.

Building relationships is a 2-way street for this exact reason.

3. Always Apply the Golden Rule

I remember back in my days of waiting tables… Other waitresses always wondered why I would earn 3 times the amount of tips them.

Well, it all goes back to treating others the way you want to be treated.

I treated my customers the way I like to be treated when I went out to eat.

The Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

This should really be applied in all areas of your life and business.

Which it really should be common sense for everyone…but unfortunately, it’s not.

Let’s apply the Golden Rule to LinkedIn.

  • If you do not want random connection requests…well, then why are you doing it?
  • If you don’t want a bunch of offers to join teams from random people, then what are you doing?
  • If you don’t want a bunch of inbox messages trying to sell you something… then why are you doing it?

Connect with people who have common interests or whose company may complement yours.

Show real interest in others, and personalize your connection request. How will it benefit the person you are reaching out to by connecting with you?

4. It takes time!

It takes time to build your LinkedIn network correctly.

But it does work when it is done correctly.

My network has definitely not grown overnight.

Think of networking on LinkedIn, like planting a garden.

First, you start with the seeds…and then you nurture that garden to make it grow.

No one wants to be sold to.

But when they see the value of your services and what you offer, guess what they are going to go to the people they know, like, and trust. They are going to refer people to people they know, like, and trust.

So instead of selling, build real authentic connections and build trust over time.

5. Provide Lots of Value

Provide lots of value to your LinkedIn connections by sharing valuable content consistently. 

  • Write articles
  •  participate in groups
  • ask questions
  • Share your mission and why it’s important to you. 
  • Educate your followers about what you do 
  • Educate your followers on the problems you can solve.

When you do this consistently, you will be right in front of the right connections. This will keep you on the top of their mind, and you just never know when they will be ready to hire you or send you a referral. 

Linkedin is a GREAT place to network and build your professional contacts for your Coaching business. 

Just remember

  • Act Professionally
  • Be Authentic
  • Show genuine interest in the person

 Your ideal clients will be drawn to you once they get to know you as a person instead of someone just looking to take their credit card.

I would love to hear how you have used LinkedIn to grow your business! Or what is your struggle with LinkedIn!

Virtually Yours,

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