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One of the hardest things as a solopreneur is trying to do everything on your own.

Many solopreneurs start a business on a limited budget, so they are trying to cut corners everywhere they can to save a $ dollar when they start. So instead of hiring someone that knows what they are doing, they try to figure it out all on their own; they spend endless hours watching YouTube Videos, Tiktoks, reading tutorials, waste endless hours trying to do something that someone else could have done better for a very small investment. I am not saying this is bad by any means; we all start somewhere 🙂  

The fact is though time is money, you always have a choice, invest your time or your money or a combination of time and money into your business. It’s all about figuring out what that right combination is for you and your business to take it to the next level.

The second problem I see hindering solopreneurs is the belief is no one can do it better than you; they have a problem letting go of the reins. This can really be detrimental to you and your business growth if you want to grow your online courses and coaching programs. If someone can do it even 70% as good as you, there is a time in your business you will need to let them do it, if you want to GROW to the next level.

You need to be able to delegate certain aspects of your projects and become aware of what task you are best at and where you should or shouldn’t not be spending your time. Though I am a BIG believer that you must understand what is involved in the process before you can hire it out. Just because you can do something or it is more affordable doesn’t mean you should. Using independent contractors, virtual assistants, automation, employees, or technology can help simplify, streamline, and improve the overall outcome of your programs and product launches. 

Here are five tips for delegating the task for your coaching program or product launch:

  1. Be Aware of Your Strengths and Weaknesses 

The tasks to delegate are the ones you struggle with the most.  

  • What things take you the longest to do?
  • What things do you not like to do?
  • What things do you not have the time to do?
  • What things on your list are you just not good at?

However, be sure the person you assign it to is an expert in the field. The last thing you want to do is push the work off to someone who doesn’t have the experience. This can make it hard to determine if the work was finished correctly. 

2. Find the Repetitive and Time-Consuming Tasks 

Next, free yourself from tasks that take up too much of your time and don’t need expertise or your guidance to get done. This can include tasks like responding to emails, posting on social media, bookkeeping, editing audios or videos, and scheduling emails. Each of these tasks can easily be delegated to someone else. 

3. Be Clear About Expectations and Deadlines 

The number one reason why delegation fails is due to poor communication. If you want to finish the task right – supply the correct information and as much detail as possible with clear directions. Set realistic expectations for the people you are working with, yet, Be crystal clear regarding, what you want to be done, and t what constitutes “done.” Always provide deadlines, and make communication as open as possible throughout the duration of the project. If people on your team are too afraid to speak up, things will fall through the cracks. 

I recommend using Slack for regular communication along with regular meetings.

4. Keep Track but Don’t Micromanage

Delegating is not about controlling or micromanaging. It is about getting and finding the help where you need it to simplify, streamline and enhance the productivity of your coaching program and product launches. If you use too much of your time focusing on others, you might as well do the work yourself. So make sure you know what is going on but don’t spend your time micromanaging.

5. Determine Whom or What is Best for the Job 

Ask yourself, can this task be better done with software or another person? Using software is also another way to delegate. Sometimes there is software that can help you instead of a person 🙂 You can find an independent contractor to do the work or use automation. 

As you can see, proper delegation takes full awareness of the scope of the product launch and what others need to do. In the end, delegation is about assigning the right job to the right person. It doesn’t include micromanaging or expecting perfection. It’s not about perfection is about progress and getting your programs out into the world!

Keep these tips handy when you are ready to launch your next coaching program or product to ensure you have the right people, resources, and software.

I would love to hear from you, what have you found helpful when it comes to delegating?

Virtually Yours,

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