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Your opt-in page is an essential tool to help you build your email list.

An opt-in page is a webpage with one purpose in mind, to collect someone's name and email in exchange for something. (Most people call this your freebie, I call this your lead magnet.)

Why do you want to build your email list?

Think of your email list like a savings account; the more you build your email list and nurture it, the higher the ROI (return on investment.)

Your opt-in page is often someone's first impression of your business. If they leave within 30-seconds, you've lost a potential customer. If they stay and find the information they are looking for…they are more than likely to turn into customers at some point in their “Sales Journey” with you.

It is important to pay attention to your opt-in page making sure it converts. Your goal should be between a 40-50% conversion rate for your Lead Magnets.

So let's talk about what can cause your page to not convert…

1. Your Page Loads Too Slowly 

You have seconds to get and keep your audience's attention. If your pages load slow, they'll just go somewhere else.

Most people are loading webpages on their cell phones, so ensure the speed is optimized for mobile.

 Use software to test how fast your pages load so that you can ensure they work well. There are many places you test your website speed, but I usually refer to google tools for this one.

A couple of things that can slow your opt-in page down :

  • IMAGES not optimized for web
  • Plugins
  • Not updating your WordPress site
  • to many scripts

Figure out what is slowing down your site and keep optimizing it for the best speed.  

2. Your Opt-in Page Doesn't Speak or Relate to Your Audience 

It's important to create an opt-in page that is personalized for the audience you're trying to attract. Do they understand the images? Do they understand your style and tone in writing?

Are you trying to attract female business owners? Your opt-in page should reflect this!

Are you trying to attract moms of toddlers? Your opt-in page should reflect this.

If you are a guest on a blog or podcast, make an opt-in page just for that one audience, so they know that they are in the right place.

You might have more than one opt-in page for each opt-in due to your target audiences.

 3. Distractions on the Opt-in Page

Your opt-in page should not be giving too many options. When you provide a lot of options, it confuses the brain and distracts from the main purpose, Your Offer!

Use very little navigation or sidebar information to help focus their attention. 

4. Your offer is not unique, or you don't communicate why they should Opt-in. 

A visitor to your Opt-in Page needs to understand why your offer is so much better than anyone else. 

People do not want to give away their name and email address, which is valuable protected information for most people.

  • How are you different?
  • What makes your offer unique?
  • Why should they trust you instead of someone else?

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) MUST be communicated very clearly even on your Opt-in Page.

5. Your Opt-in Page Offer Doesn't Match Your Marketing

If you notice you are getting a lot of click-throughs but no sign-ups, make sure that your offer matches the marketing and your audience.

Review your target audience, review your marketing materials, and tweak your offer.

6. Using Irrelevant or No Images and Visuals to Help Attract Your Audience 

Don't bore your visitors to death by not making your landing pages and website visually oriented. Most people respond better to images that help advance the meaning of the words on the page. Plus, some imagery provides directional cues to the reader, allowing them to take advantage of your offers.  

7. Not Paying Attention to Search Engine Optimization 

SEO works for all types of content, but it will help you get more traffic to your offers if you also include your landing pages' skill. Headlines, keywords, headers, alt text, and more are all important on an Optin Page.

8. No Social Proof 

 Showing that other people trust you and believe in what you say will build trust in your offers. 

Testimonials, likes, shares, and downloads show that you can be trusted and help improve your conversion rate. 

9. Your Opt-in Page Doesn't Work on Your Audience's Device.

 The days of “optimizing for mobile” are over. If your opt-in page doesn't work on mobile, then you're going to miss out on a lot of potential customers. But do check your demographic information to ensure that you are optimizing each page for the devices most used by your audience. 

10. You Have Weak Call to Actions (CTAs)

Saying things like “download now” unfortunately doesn't convert very well anymore.

Get Specific on the Action you want your potential client to take and the benefits for your CTA.


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Developing an opt-in page that gets results takes time and practice. I promise you your opt-in page will be something you continue to tweak over-time.

The first one you make might not work as well as the tenth one you make.

But the beauty of new technology is that you can continue to test and tweak over time until you create an opt-in page that converts well for your audience.

 If you are looking for an expert to help you create high converting opt-in pages for your offers, please schedule a free consultation with our team!

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