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to Start , Build & Market Your Business Online.

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without the stress and tech confusion.

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Building an Online Coaching Business Can Be Confusing and Let's Face It, Sometimes Even Overwhelming...

If you're not Tech Savvy, sometimes your left behind in the game...or struggling to catch up...

And let's not talk about systems & processes yet...

IF you have ever asked any of these questions....
you NEED Let's Grow Virtual for Your Business!

  • What is the difference between registering a domain name and hosting it?
  • Should I use, WordPress, Click-funnels, or Square Space?
  • How do I get a contract signed?
  • What is the best software to schedule appointments online?
  • Funnel WHAT the heck are you talking about?
  • What is  Best WordPress Theme? 
  • How do I collect payments online?  What is the difference between a shopping cart and a merchant account?
  • What social media sites should I be using? How do I manage all of them?
  • Ok, you said build a email list?  How do I do that?  What service is best for me?

You need a Successful Solid Foundation. of Systems & Software to Streamline Your Time and Keep Your Clients Happy... and most Importantly GROW Your Business.

And you have tried soo hard to do it yourself...
Someone told you need this software and that software..and before you know your spending thousands of dollars each month on software...that you do not even know how to use!

YOU must look at the technology and systems strategically..otherwise, you're wasting your time and money...

That is how we can help you! We help Coaches, choose the right technology to run your business smoothly online...and most importantly, we help it all work together! So you can build your list and grow your client base... WITHOUT Stress and Confusion.

Let's do this thing together...

We will tackle the tech and how-to for you
You focus on your gifts and talents to build profitable programs, courses or service

Together we will build a profitable list of engaged online buyers to sell your coaching services and programs to!


Don't Let Technology Prevent You From GROWING your business Online!

There is  no reason to be stressed out
by the methods & technology.  

  Lets Grow Virtual is your simple solution,  to help you GROW your online business.

We Provide Support In:


Setup; Plugins; Maintenance; & Trouble Shooting


Set-up; Automation & Management


Set-up; Automation & Management


Set-up; Automation & Management


We help you setup G-Suite along with Filters and Automation


Set-up; Automation's  to make your business easier!


Set-up; Automation; Management


Set-up; Automation; Management


Setup; Maintaining &Creating to Grow Brand


Setup;Maintaining & Creating to Grow Brand


Setup; Maintaining & Creating to Grow Brand


Setup; Maintaining & Creating to Grow Brand


Set-up & Management, 


Tele-Summits; Virtual Conferences & Livestreams

Quizzes and Surveys

Custom Quizzes & Surveys for your audience


Set-up; Automation & Management

If there is something you do not see on this list...please ask.

The Struggle is REAL!

  • You want to start your "online" virtual business, but you don't know where to start?
  • You know what you need to do to get your virtual business out there, but you're overwhelmed by the technical stuff 
  • You have a virtual business, but your stuck and can't seem to GROW your income...
  • You have an online business but not enough time to focus on everything...
  • you have a virtual assistant already....but you don't have the time to train them?

Laura Bastion is a Digital Marketing Strategist and List Building Expert Who Makes The Technology SIMPLE!

Laura Bastion is a Digital Marketing Strategist and List Building Expert, who worked behind the scenes as a Virtual Assistant for almost 20 years. Laura knows how simplify technology and the processes so Coaches can implement the strategies and technology to build their online coaching business.

Laura is passionate about helping women build businesses online. She loves to help coaches bring their passions online by teaching them how to market and GROW their business to be successful with online marketing, so they can create a business they LOVE and IMPACT the world.

Laura leverages over 20 years of graphics, online marketing & business building experience for her clients. She has spent thousands of hours hands-on behind the scenes implementing her magic for her clients.

Laura has project managed hundreds of websites, sales funnels & online list builds and webinars, and more. With Laura's mentoring, the process is seamless and straightforward.

Laura is a firm believer that the tech and how-to should not hold anyone back from building an online business. So many people are in the online space coaching clients, who become overwhelmed in the process. Therefore most of the digital programs and coaching they buy is sitting on their computers wasted. You can't hire a project and get the results you want unless you can understand the process yourself. Laura will help you do that.

Laura offers: Do It Your Self Training Programs, Done For You and Consulting. 

Stay Informed!

Working with clients for almost 20 years, we continue to learn the best of the best in tools and resources to build your business online.  Would you like  us to update you on actionable tips, learn about valuable tools, and helpful resources that cut out the  tech confusion and overwhelm?

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