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Automate your Business &

Let us help you SIMPLIFY strategy, technology and marketing to grow your business online!

Providing Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Podcasters, & Course Creators with Virtual Assistant & Marketing Services Since 2000

What's the Main Focus in Your Business Right Now?

Opt-in Pages & Funnels

Do you need your optin pages or funnels designed for your coaching services and programs?

Build Your Email List

Grow your email list with your Trust Product, Webinars, Challenges, Facebook Groups, Quizzes 

Launch Your Group or Product

Ready to get your coaching services and course out into the world? Lets put a plan together to Launch it!

No Email List or Followers Who LOVE YOU
= No Sales = No Business

You know you need to build
your email & Follower list..

Bringing your coaching/consulting business online can be confusing and let's face it, sometimes even overwhelming if you try to to do it all by yourself...

You don't want to spend endless hours marketing your business

You want to Focus on what you LOVE and your own.. "Super Powers"

But if you don't continue to fill your pipeline with new leads... your online business will stall.

Guess What??
You don't have to Do It ALONE!

How would You Like to...

  • Double Your Email List
  • Grow Your Email List with a Quiz
  • Get Active participants in your challenge
  • Fill Your Webinars
  • Supercharge your Launch
  • Sell Your Offers

With the Right Strategy and Team

 You CAN!!

"No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings." ~William Blake


We will take care of the Tech and Strategy with our proven systems..
You focus on your gifts and talents to build profitable programs, courses or service.

Together we will build a profitable list of engaged online buyers to sell your coaching services and programs to!

Don't  Overlook the Power of Building Your Business online ; Just because you don't have the time or know how!

Turn your Social Media Into a Client Magnet, with the power of Paid Ads you are going to GROW your list Faster & Sell Your Services and Products to Your  Ideal clients that you can't wait to serve...

The Struggle is REAL!

  • You have a business but you want to grow online
  • You created an amazing products or service yet you have no-one to buy..l
  • You have a online coaching/consulting business, but your stuck and can't seem to GROW your income...
  • You have an online business but not enough time to focus on everything...
  • You need a list of qualified buyers who rave about you!

Laura Bastion is a Digital Marketing Strategist and List Building Expert Who Makes The Process& Technology SIMPLE!

Laura Bastion is a Digital Marketing Strategist and List Building Expert, who started as Virtual Assistant behind the scenes. Laura knows how simplify technology and the processes so Coaches, Consultants & Course Creators  can implement the strategies and technology to build their online coaching business without the stress and headaches. She specializes in building Funnels to capture your leads and sell your services, along with Instagram/Facebook Ads and Strategy.

Laura is passionate about helping women build businesses online. She loves to help others bring their passions online by teaching them how to market and GROW their business to be successful with online marketing, so they can create a business they LOVE and IMPACT the world

Laura leverages over 20 years of graphics, online marketing & business building experience for her clients. She has spent thousands of hours  hands-on behind the scenes implementing her magic for her clients. 

Laura has project managed hundreds of websites, sales funnels & online list builds and webinars, and more.

With Laura's mentoring, the process is seamless and straightforward.Laura is a firm believer that the tech and how-to should not hold anyone back from building an online business. So many people are in the online space coaching clients, who become overwhelmed in the process. Therefore most of the digital programs and coaching they buy is sitting on their computers wasted. You can't hire out a project and get the results you want unless you can understand the process yourself. Laura will help you do just that.

Laura specializes in Funnels and Facebook/Instagram ads. She trains new aspiring Virtual Assistants, and mentors those who need to grow their business.

Stay Informed!

Working with clients for almost 20 years, we continue to learn the best of the best in tools and resources to build your business online.  Would you like  us to update you on actionable tips, learn about valuable tools, and helpful resources that cut out the  tech confusion and overwhelm?